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Who We Are..

Auto Armor is your Denver’s surrounding Automotive Protective Solution, Specializing in Window Tint, Paint Protection for your ride!


Over time the automotive industry has evolved in the auto care sector with new innovative products and procedures such as clear bra wax sealants ceramic coatings that have been tested and researched to be proven to be highly effective in protecting your vehicle in a highly tried and true way.



Our company chooses to partner with only the industry leaders in window and Paint protection films (PPF) or (Clear Bra) such as 3M, Xpel, Suntek Ceramic Films. 

Products We Use

With 15+ years experience in automotive care you will have a peace of mind knowing you chose the right team with your vehicle. Here at Auto Armor we highly specialize in the protection of your vehicle, unfortunately Weather damage can be a major factor of wear and tear in Colorado, statistically most auto owners don't have the time to properly maintain the esthetics of there vehicle and that's ok because that's where we come in, weather its maintaining the esthetics with sealants and coatings or wrapping your car  with Paint Protection Film aka Clear bra or a cool color change for a custom restyling approach for the exterior, or window tinting and interior treatments  from harmful UV rays to protect the inside of your vehicle we do it all at competitive pricing for top quality work.





-Our devotion to superior craftsmanship and customer relationships. We have proven to our clients that we will be there to deliver in all of there future needs such as any warranty job to any future job we have you covered! We strive off referral business and for us its proven that the consistency of superior workmanship goes a long way!! 

We do what we love

Why Choose Auto Armor for your vehicle needs?

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